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Vrane Kamene (Crows Of Stone) – Music Review

Vrane Kamene (Crows of Stone) is a very a impression blues- hard rock -rock-alternative group based out of Belgrade Serbia. This five piece group shows a unique direction in bringing original blues with a nice strong hard rock vibe back into the music world.

Vrane kamene - Crows Of Stone Vrane kamene - Crows Of Stone

Vrane Kamene (Crows Of Stone)

Vrane kamene - Crows Of Stone

Vrane kamene – Crows Of Stone

Our Comments –

Vrane Kamene (Crows of Stone) is a very a impression blues- hard rock -rock-alternative group based out of Belgrade Serbia. This five piece group shows a unique direction in bringing original blues with a nice strong hard rock vibe back into the music world. Vrane Kamene’s (Crows of Stone) bring a nice mixture of solid structured sound to the table with tracks like “Koma i Karma”, “Pseto”, and “Kcer Mrtvoga Coveka” to name a few. These guys remind me of bands from back in day like “The Cult”, “AC/DC”, with a little bit of “John Cougar”.

I really admire their style in music choices, with such a vast amount of talented musicians within this group. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know about Vrane Kamene (Crows of Stone) for a few weeks now, and have been able to relax and enjoy their creation. They are for sure a group of musicians of which I’d have in our collection. Something I really liked about them is their music has been done in their own language as well as in English, also you may find their lyrics in both Serb and English. Check out Vrane Kamene (Crows of Stone) when you get the time, and be sure to tell them you heard about them here at WoodBangers LLC Network.

We’d like to thank the band for allowing us to get to know them and their music, and wish them a great successful future.
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Official Band Biography –

Members: Aleksandar-Vocal, Milos-Lead Guitar, Maya-Rhythm Guitar,Banzai -Bass Guitar,Sasha-Drums
Info: “Serbian based Vrane Kamene ( Crows of Stone ) a creative Rock, Heavy Rock outfit have found their own sonic signature. Providing the world with exceptional songs at the same time staying true to their origins recording in both English and their native language. Signed to the global and exclusive record label * Lawsuit Pending Records * can be deemed a remarkable achievement in itself after such a short existence. This can only be put down to Vrane Kamene’s (Crows or Stone) frontman Aleksander Pejicic his drive and vision to bring a concept together acquiring only the best and dedicated musicians to work together in harmony all of equal importance. A team that strive for perfection not only in their music but the whole package that is Vrane Kamene ( Crows of Stone )

Vrane Kamene (Crows of Stone) are a very approachable group with the firm belief that without you the audience and the support you give them all would be lost ! Therefore you are invited to become part of the C0S Chat lounge or you can join the *Premium Crypt both are jam packed with things to do details are on our home page”

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ CROWS OF STONEஜ۩۞۩ஜ
We all encountered one October night, precisely on October 31st 2010, in Belgrade. We are vigour’s of night and we never wanted ordinary followers, accordingly we choose individuals who understand the dispatch of our music. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we are, and from where we are coming; the only important thing is the message that we are giving. Unpretentiously said we have stories that we want simply to share with souls who can really perceive it. Painter uses colours, and we use sound; silence is our canvas and we paint notes endlessly. For us, you all are magnificent, greatest, motherfuckers. Therefore listen good! Listen strong and fuck them all!
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ VRANE KAMENEஜ۩۞۩ஜ
Sjatile se jedne Oktobarske večeri,tačnije 31 Oktobra 2010, u jednom od predgrađa Beograda. Nije važno ko smo, šta smo,odakle dolazimo,već je bitna poruka koju donosimo.Dok stvaramo svoju muziku ni u jednom jedinom trenutku ne težimo tek “pukoj publici” već zapravo jedino pažljivim slušaocima. Prosto rečeno, imamo priče koje želimo na krajnje jednostavan način podeliti sa onim dušama koje ih zaista žele čuti. Slikar koristi boje, a mi koristimo zvuk; tišina je naše platno po kojem nanosimo note.Za nas vi ste sjani,najbolji,nenadjebivi.
Prigrli slobodu i ona te neće izneveriti!!!!
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