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Trichotillomania – Music Review

Trichotillomania Trichotillomania




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What do geniuses do? Geniuses come together and combine their gifts to invent something that is entirely their own. Something that has never been seen, heard, or experienced before in any other way. They delight others with what they have brought into being, while also making others slightly envious of what they have managed to produce. They work for themselves, by themselves, and they travel in their own direction.

Trichotillomania (Try-ko-till-o-mania) is an example of what geniuses do. It is a band based in San Francisco, California consisting of three multi-instrumentalists; Nick-Gerald Peterson, Masanori Benjamin Yusa, and Sam Mollica. They use many different instruments and sounds fused with brilliant lyrical songwriting to devise a genre of music that is solely theirs. Trichotillomania is not going with or against the grain; they are taking a distinct course by themselves and designing their own grain.

Electro and Trance are two words used along with Rock and Punk by some to classify Trichotillomania’s type of music. Songs such as “Heady” and “Suffocation” possess the ability to mystically and serenely entrance a listener. “Cherried Isle” is a number that has a fun, groovy, punk feel to it, and “9:49” and “Glowbicide” are takes that can be interpreted as something dark and post-apocalyptic. Trichotillomania seems to have very extraordinary influences, and incorporates them as such.

For anyone that would like to learn more about them and sample their music, Trichotillomania can be found on the WoodBangers website. Article By: Captain Cole
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Official Band Biography –

Info: Trichotillomania began as the collaboration between Nick-Gerald Peterson and Masanori Yusa. We began with the self-imposed rule that there simply would be no “rules” aside from making music that satisfied us, in whatever fashion that was correct for the moment. We have played and composed music in every genre that exists, and we have no loyalty or desire to be a “this” or “that” entity. Our influences are extraordinarily eclectic and in many cases obscure, so..on our blogs/notes on various sites, please feel free to ask those kinds of questions. . We hope you enjoy what we do.



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