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Stray Dog Strut – Music Review

Stray Dog Strut Stray Dog Strut

Stray Dog Strut

Stray Dog Strut - Band

Stray Dog Strut – Band

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Meet Stray Dog Strut an Australian based Metal/Funk band rocking hard with some severe instrumentalist and vocals! First off these guys caught me off guard with their music, at first we couldn’t hear the tracks clearly online (as most online are live versions); but after a little tweaking on the equalizer we were stunned. Stray Dog Strut has the perfect flavor of Pantera versus Tool, you can totally hear the mixture of influences and these guys do it well too. Listening to the song “Sky” in the beginning my first thought when I heard the bass was Les Claypool of Primus versus Ryan of Mudvayne, such beautiful progression and style. Afterwards when I finished listening and realized that Rob the bassist was the vocalist as well, this is when I realized I love this band. The drums we impeccable, they do have that Danny Carey (of Tool) vibe and it was very strong and dead on with the bass. The guitar riffs were precise, and nicely original; thick groves and it was for sure some beautiful sound. Honestly I would love to hear a perfect recording on these guys, I do feel that I would have it in my IPod all of the time. Give Stray Dog Strut a listen and if you have the same issue we had with the audio quality through online streaming be sure to take a moment to try and adjust your EQ, these guys are worth a good listen and the music totally kicks some ass.
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Members: Rob Soppitt – Bass/Vocals, Joel Goreham – Guitar, Shane Schultz – Drums
Info: Stray Dog Strut is a three piece metal band from the southern suburbs of South Australia, and we’re trying to do something a little bit different. All three of us love our metal, but we’re bored of the typical style that a majority of bands are churning out. We like a little bit of groove thrown in. Give us a listen and you’ll hear very quickly that we’re not just another metal band. We’re proud that all our songs have their own unique SDS sound – which is how it should be.

Being the broke musicians that we are, we’re only just beginning to record our debut EP. What we do have is some live recordings that are quite clear and will give you a good idea of what to expect at one of our shows. And we’ve always got a few of those on the cards, just check out our Events page on our work-in-progress website:


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