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Payload – Music Review

Payload is a Finnish hard rock / metal band located in Helsinki area. Band was formed in 2008 by a guitarist Vic Lausas & a vocalist Risto Sundberg. In the summer of 2008 the band was completed with bassist Toni Martin and later on that summer by drummer Jontte and keyboardist Henna-Riikka Paakkola.




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Please make welcome “Payload” a hard rock band based out of Finland which has a very unique sound. These guys make me think of Iron Maiden, Rob Halford’s (Fight), and Disturbed. I’ve not only been listening to “Payload’s” music on their Official Website and Reverbnation but also their newest album “Odyssey Dawn“. Odyssey Dawn album rocks hard!! It’s nicely put together with strong leads, sick bass runs, pounding drums, and the vocals are at the highest of precision; “these guys know how to rock”!

We’ve been speaking back and forth to “Vic” (guitarist) about what the band was up to, and he has just been very kind to us. He let us get a nice earful of the new tracks so we could express our views. Now we don’t like tagging a band saying “Oh they sound like this or that” but you kind of have to so people understand. Being the case that if we had to say Payload sounds like someone, we’d have to word it as bands sound like “Payload”! The guys have a nice hint of musical influence by other just like any other artist, but they definitely hold true to their own sound and style. Any fan of bands like “Disturbed”, “Iron Maiden”, “Ozzy”, and even “Megadeath” would love “Payload”. These guys took their influences and made them their own! Check out “Payload” and become a fan today, their music is awesome!
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Official Band Biography –

Info: Payload is a Finnish hard rock / metal band located in Helsinki area. Band was formed in 2008 by a guitarist Vic Lausas & a vocalist Risto Sundberg. In the summer of 2008 the band was completed with bassist Toni Martin and later on that summer by drummer Jontte and keyboardist Henna-Riikka Paakkola.
Like all bands, the personnel was bound to change soon though, and the lineup was soon filled with rhythm guitarist Timo Ikonen. Toni was replaced by Iikka Luhtamäki in the winter. The band started to focus on the upcoming demo recording. Demo “Bad Coffee” was released in March 2009. By April the band had gone through some big changes. No more keyboardist and no drummer. Payload never assigned another keyboardist since and the present sound of Payload was born. During the summer also Iikka and Timo departed due to their personal life obligations eating up their time and resources.
In the autumn of 2009 after a few unsuccessful trials Payload found new drummer Samuli Rova, new bassist Jari Rinnemäki and new rhythm guitarist Miro Aalto. This was also the lineup for the first official gigs for the band in the spring of 2010.
In autumn 2010 Payload released its first official recording “Last Action Hero” EP and embarked on a winter of multiple shows, stages and competitions. The band played on some of the major stages in the country, such as Semifinal, Loose, On the Rocks etc.
The summer of 2011 proved another turning point for the band, as again, personal life obligations forced the departures of Miro, Jari and Samuli. The band again changed its sound a bit, this time by not searching for a new rhythm guitarist. The songs were re-arranged to suit one guitar. It did not take long to complete the setup though, with Jukka Linna joining on the bass and Marko Siira, a nationally renown drummer coming in for the beat. Again, as the band had the set complete, they took to the stages.
In the spring of 2012 Jukka decided that he couldn’t keep up with the band, so Iikka returned to the fold for the bass. It was as if he never left, within a few weeks the band was back on stage and soon off to the studio. Recordings were done for the forthcoming 2013 LP release, “Odyssey Dawn”. The summer, once again, proved a hard luck omen for the band. Marko suffered health issues and later that year had to give up playing drums altogether. It was a bitter pill for the band that was on the biggest rise it had ever been on.
The band released its debut full length album “Odyssey Dawn” in spring 2013 and went on European tour following the release. The tour was named “Payload ODYSSEY TOUR 2013” and it was a success, Payload gained a lot of visibility and new fans from the road.


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