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Leona X – Music Review + Interview

Leona X, AKA “Leo” , is a hard rocking singer and lead guitarist, formerly of all girl rock band, Jaggedy Ann, who’s album, “Boiling Point”, was produced by the one and only Phil Rudd of AC/DC.
With a dynamic stage presence, ripping guitar solos, and a powerful sound, she is what you get if you mix Joan Jett, Angus Young, and a little bit of Vegas.

Leona X

Leona X

Leona X

Leona X

Our Comments –

#1 we must say this right off the bat… Leona X and the staff that represent the band at Echo Eyes Touring and Management are extremely just amazing. We started out by reaching out to Leona X to let her know our interest in writing about such beautiful music, and they replied with tons of help and info. We decided after a few conversations that maybe we should do a semi-interview along with expressing our views on Leona X as a band and music; below you will find the Interview section.

Now Leona X is a female fronted outstanding rock group based out of Seattle Washington. Headed up by “Leo” (guitarist / lead vocalist) this group used to be an all female lineup; it is now just one bad ass rock group. Checking out the songs by “Leona X” like “Ready for This?“, “Shot of Gasoline“, and many others are beautifully put together with strong vocals, lead guitars, pounding rhythms and drums; All in all what more could you ask for? This is a solid group putting out some amazing music backed by one hell of a show. Now something I really and digging is a few songs specific first of which being “Play Like The Devil“. This song to me is tight, vocally amazing! Leona X shows her vocal talents in a great variety of ways with this song, impeccable ranges showing beautiful control of her vocal ability let alone the guitar performance within. This song has a feel to it as if Lita Ford got together with Pat Benatar to become a single entity. Musically this track still holds true roots to original rock n’ roll groups like AC/DC, & Joan Jett. Now another track I’d like to point out is “Love at First Feel” which has a nice 80’s rock kick to it, nicely put together. These songs are awesome, and for sure music I’d have in my IPod.

A special thanks to Leona X for taking the time to work with us, and to Cherie at Echo Eyes for always being there to keep everything moving. See interview and Official Biography information below, be sure to become a fan today.

Interview with Leona X

1. So tell us about your band name and how it come about?
It’s so hard to come up with a great name. It has to be short, catchy, and remember-able  People were telling me to use my name, saying I am lucky to have a unique one. As for the logo, I wanted it to portray rock n roll and class, like this pair of really awesome high heels I have, that are black and tough like rock n roll, but glamorous because of the diamond gemstones on them. Plus it reminded me of Elvis Presley who I have always loved.
2. How long has your band been together, or existed?
The first version started in October of 2012. Since then we have had a few changes in an effort to find the right pieces. It will be a year next month!
3. What made you decide to be in a band and what do you like the most about it?
The moment that changed my life was when I was about 15. I was riding in the car with my mother and AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” came on. After I heard them I was never the same again. I fell in love with Angus Youngs guitar tone/style and charisma, and I wanted to be just like him, so I bought my first guitar at a yard sale down the street and from there I never looked back!
What I like most is performing live. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I’m on stage. It’s the time that I feel the most alive, powerful, and confident. I love making people feel good and when the crowd is getting into it it’s like a boomerang. I get off on them getting off on me!
4. How would you describe your music as a genre or as a whole?
Kind of hard to describe, but I think it’s tough, high energy, and super charged rock. It’s not super screamy, but it’s not Fu Fu either. I like writing songs that make people happy, or makes them feel like driving really fast with the music cranked up, live on the edge, have hot sex, whatever makes you feel good. I hate depressing music.
5. Where are some of the places of which you have performed, who with, and where did you like the best?
Gosh, there are so many, too many to name, but if I had to pick a couple I would say first off, the Pulp Summer Slam in the Phillipines in 2006 with my previous band Jaggedy Ann. There were over 30,000 screaming fans in front of us and it was the most intense onstage experience ever!
Other memorable moments are when Jaggedy Ann won the United States Championship in the World Battle of the Bands, when we opened for Heart in Las vegas, when we opened for George Thoroughgood at the Gibson Guitars CES show in Las Vegas, and the first time we played in front of Phil Rudd at a little pub in New Zealand.
6. If you could pick one of your songs that had the most meaning to you, which one would it be and why?
It’s called “You Don’t Know What You’re Missing” on the Jaggedy Ann Boiling Point album. I wrote it for my 2 daughters. It’s about living with an alcoholic father.
7. Are you managed, on a label, looking or what?
Yes, we have awesome management with Cherie Kausler at Echo Eyes Touring and Management! Cherie has great insight and belief in me, which is so important. You have to believe in your product in order to make it sell. It is our first year of working together and getting to know each other. It has been fun so far, but now it’s starting to get really exciting!
8. Do you have any sponsors of which you would like to give a shout out to?
Gibson Guitars has been a great supporter for me. Kevin Philbin, was the first person I worked with, and is responsible for that super stellar Goddess poster that has drawn a lot of attention, so Cheers to him! Currently I am building relations with other key Gibson representatives in the Seattle area, so I’m really excited about that!
9. Tell us about your fans, do you have that Top Fan or someone that is always there?
I have quite a few that have stuck with me over the years. But I have to say my biggest fans and the people that have always been there for me are my husband and my daughters. They inspire me and encourage me everyday, and put up with a lot for me to be able to do this.
10. Do you have a street team?
Not yet, so if you have any ideas hit us up!!
11. What are your future plans, are there any new releases, tours etc?
There is a lot in our future plans!! Our debut E.P. will be ready for release Nov. 1st, the making of a video for our single “Ready For This?”, and a documentary about Jaggedy Ann, along with a tour in the spring of the West Coast, Las Vegas, L.A., all over California, Oregon, Washington, etc.
12. What are your goals as a band for the future?
In the famous words of Madonna, “to take over the world”! And make as many people as possible want to rock out!
13. Who are some of your influences?
I love so many genres and styles of music, but I have to say the ones that have had the most influence on me are AC/DC, Joan Jett, Elvis Presley, and Bad Company.
14. Can you tell us a weird or funny experience since you have been in the band?
Oh man, there are millions! lol Most of them were on tour. You meet all kinds of people! But what I love the most is when I show up at a venue, hauling my equipment in and I can hear guys in the background saying things like, “Hey baby, you really know how to play that guitar?”, or girls that make snide remarks like “oh look at that girl, she thinks she knows how to play guitar”, then I get up there, turn on and start playing, and I love watching the expressions on their faces change to surprise as I shred their ears off. Then the respect comes. :- D


Social & Official Links: Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | YouTube | Reverbnation | Official Website

Official Band Biography –

Members: Leona Marie (Leo) – Vocals and Lead Guitar, Henry Cheng – Rhythm Guitar, Chris Ewers – Bass, Simona Bressi – Drums
Info: Leona X, AKA “Leo” , is a hard rocking singer and lead guitarist, formerly of all girl rock band, Jaggedy Ann, who’s album, “Boiling Point”, was produced by the one and only Phil Rudd of AC/DC.
With a dynamic stage presence, ripping guitar solos, and a powerful sound, she is what you get if you mix Joan Jett, Angus Young, and a little bit of Vegas.
Leo has been described as being like a kiss of dynamite, jaw dropping, electrifying, and sexy, and will leave you wanting more! So catch your breath, and get prepared for an experience you won’t ever forget!


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