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Diabholico is another wicked cool band that is coming to us from the Great North…Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; to be exact. They create blood-curdling death metal that can chill any listeners bones while making their hair stand on end. Do not be too frightened, though, because their music, photos, videos, and merchandise are all gorgeous demonstrations of masterpiece artwork.

They have written most of their songs based on certain diabolical realities of life. Except for the song “Resurrection Nightmare”, which is a take that the band decided to do for entertainment purposes about zombies and come on…we gotta have a song about zombies in there somewhere! However, the song “Devil In A Bottle” is an example of a song written based on the reality that one can find it very easy to blame others for certain things when caught up in the vicious clutches of alcoholism.

Diabholico unmercifully dishes out death metal that will satisfy the hunger of the damned. Their vocals are brutal; their guitar sounds tear flesh from the bone, and the bass and drumming can illustrate what a thunderstorm in hell would probably be like. Check ‘em out at

Article by: Captain Cole

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Official Band Biography –

Info: First ever Diaholico was composed of Ariel Martinez on drums and Shane Belanger.
Then for reasons beyond Shane’s control he had to stop the project. Jon Lozo on Guitars and Vocals then joined in 2010 and along with Matt Buller on Bass and Rex Quinn on guitars and vocals Diabholico was founded.

Diabholico was formed in the Spring of 2010 in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Ex-Kataklysm Drummer Ariel Martinez sought out fellow musicians to start an old school style death metal band. Jonathan Lozo joined on guitar and the two started to write music.

A four song demo was recorded at The Wolf Lair in March/April 2011 and Released May 2011. The concept for the lyrical content and imagery is to explore the diabolic side of human beings in all aspects of life. “Innocence Extinct” stems from The Balkan conflict and the crude reality of evil. “Halls of the Damned” reflects the views of the other side of the coin, the so called “insane”, the one that sees what the “sane“ cannot see. “Devil In A Bottle” presents how an external entity “the devil” would be blamed for the actions caused by someone’s alcoholism. “Resurrection Nightmare” is just a fun song about zombies eating your brains! We all love Zombies! The musical influence comes from a love of old school thrash and death metal.
Then drummer Tyson Seery joined in 2011. Tyson started doing battery assault in the Studio and Live as a full time member.

In May 2012 Neight Calhoun has taken the role of lead guitarist and backing vocals! Let the armaggedon begin!

Diabholico line up is now formed by two new guitarists in 2013, Mike Deschamps and Taylor Hirsch

Diabholico continues to write more songs and playing live shows, ask your local promotor to have us at your favorite local venue!

In October of 2013 a new line up re-emerged right before a show in November, Diabholico pulled through with a strong array of new musicians: Taylor, Shawn, Jaimie, Mike and Ariel will come destroy a venue near you!





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