• dadyylion

    Daddy Lion – Music Review

    Daddy Lion Our Comments - Arguably, one of the most well composed, put together, and produced albums of all time is Boston’s self titled debut from 1976. It is, in fact, [...]
  • sweetkenny

    SweetKenny – Music Review

    SweetKenny Our Comments - SweetKenny’s name says it all. His music is…well…SWEET! SweetKenny (Kenneth M. Sutton) is from the Motor City and he is not just another [...]
  • dawn of eternity

    Dawn of Eternity – Music Review

    Dawn of Eternity dawn of eternity Our Comments - Dawn of Eternity is one bad-ass metal band from Germany. Many influences of metal from their neck of the woods are evident in [...]
  • 1395830582_ohmposter_lowres__marieandreeblais

    The Ohm Group – Music Review

    The Ohm Group Our Comments - While listening to The Ohm Group, from Gatineau, Canada, I felt like I was a cool breeze coming off the ocean on a warm summer evening. Their [...]
  • 1389375838_Foto_Oficial_Mu_eco_Vudu

    Muñeco Vudú – Music Review

    Muñeco Vudú Our Comments - “Cuanto me encanta la música de Muñeco Vudú!” Muñeco Vudú is a wonderful band from Oviedo, Spain and I just thought that I would take a [...]
  • 1392721326_IMG_12466213094030

    Diabholico – Music Review

    Diabholico Our Comments - Diabholico is another wicked cool band that is coming to us from the Great North…Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; to be exact. They create blood-curdling [...]
  • 418131

    Soul In Stone – Music Review

    Soul In Stone Our Comments - Many great bands and artists that are from Canada have made outstanding contributions to music; Rush, Neil Young, Anvil…the list goes on, and [...]
  • 1376451915_Steve_Promo__1

    Steven Frank Mramor – Music Review

    Steven Frank Mramor Our Comments - Steven Frank Mramor is living proof that musicianship runs in the family, and can be timelessly handed from one generation to the next. He [...]
  • otto dix

    A brand new Otto Dix album

    A brand new Otto Dix album Our Comments - A brand new album: ‘Anima’ from Russian electronic/avant-garde band Otto Dix is released in March by Russian digital label [...]
  • aaron

    Aaron Ball Band – Music Review

    Aaron Ball Band Our Comments - Fronted by the enormous talent and creative genius of New Zealand native Aaron Ball, the Aaron Ball Band has a true, authentic sense of [...]
  • causeofa

    Cause of Affliction – Music Review

    Cause of Affliction Our Comments - What we have here is a band with a sound that is so hardcore; it will have a listener gnashing their teeth into pieces while banging their [...]
  • emma

    Emma Rugg – Music Review

    Emma Rugg Our Comments - Is there anybody out there looking for the latest and greatest in singer/songwriters? If so, there is no need to look any further. Emma Hull is the [...]
  • kat

    Kythera – Music Review

    Kythera Our Comments - Kythera is a progressive deathcore suit from Dyersburg, TN. This is a group of five brilliant and extremely talented musicians who deliver a hardcore [...]
  • umb

    Ultimo Hombre – Music Review

    Ultimo Hombre Our Comments - Alright, everyone…all I can say about Ultimo Hombre is to get them on your playlist and turn it up all the way! These guys have a bad-ass sound [...]
  • tera vega

    Tera Vega – Music Review

    Tera Vega Our Comments - Tera Vega likes to classify their music as “Soul Metal”; metal with soul. This is one good, unique way of categorizing it. However, I would like [...]
  • lily

    Lily – Music Review

    Lily Our Comments - We at WoodBangers believe this one to be a true breakthrough artist. Lily was born in England and also has Welsh and Irish ancestry. Interestingly, it [...]

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